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  • Fundamental Medical Facts about Cholesterol- English

    • Absolutely good health is what everyone expects good health refers to not only physical health but the health of our internal organs also.
    • Book is about keeping our heart healthy cardiac health.
    • Cholesterol is becoming chief concern among people but how many of us know that there is only not the cholesterol that is harming your body but there is something called good cholesterol also.
    • Good cholesterol helps us to add potential healthy years to our cardiac health whereas bad cholesterol removes those healthy years from our life span
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  • Two fundamental elements of dating/living together/marriage Book 2 of 2- Money and Money- English

    • Basically, this is a book about two fundamental elements of dating/living together/marriage.
    • Two most important fundamentals in marriage are intimacy and money.
    • This book is written by a physician, M.D., and it may feel to you that this is not a medical book, but to be honest, it is.
    • This book focuses on your healthy mental health, persistent happy family health, marital health and financial health.
    • Our life in 2021 is very dynamic, very complex, and we are highly emotional people.
    • Whether we date, live together, or marry, there is a relationship between two people and these two facts, Intimacy and Money, they are the most important reasons for us to either be happy in that relationship or very unhappy in that relationship.
    • Almost always, the most important reason for a couple breakup/ separation, and especially in a marriage for divorce is, these two issues- Intimacy and Money.
    • All the studies have shown that if couple treats each other with respect, trust, and are equal partner, then risk of infidelity is very low and you will have an enjoyable relationship.
    • These are the two important issues. Young couples sometimes do not talk or discuss about it. Both of the partners involved, whether in dating/living together/marriage, have to understand that sooner they address these both issues, happier they will be and it will lead to stability of their relationship.
    • So, in the first book, we have written whenever couple comes together, obviously common sense says it, but medically speaking, psychologically speaking, Intimacy is the most important factor in relationship.
    • Intimacy does not have to be a physical intimacy only. More than physical intimacy, emotional intimacy is more important and if you are not happy with each other, or you are having constant conflicts with each other whether it is about money or it is about intimacy, you will find it very difficult to be intimate with each other or you will feel insecure when it comes to money issues.
    • Every psychologist will tell you about the facts which we have written in this book.
    • Whenever you two cannot come to an agreement, you can always and you should seek counseling, especially if you want to continue relationship whether it is dating, living together, or eventually getting married.
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  • Heart Health Update- Complimentary Book- English

    • Should we obsess with our heart health?
    • My answer is, “Why not?”  Heart attack is the only medical situation where we can lose our life in 5 minutes.  There are no other medical situations like that.
    • Whether we have a stroke, or our lung fail, our kidney fail, our system which helps to digest our food fails, and liver fail, but we do not die in 5 minutes. It may take months and years.
    • In case of heart, if our heart is not healthy and we are having a heart attack then n such a situation, heart cannot effectively pump blood and oxygen to the brain.
    • If our brain does not get enough oxygen, then our brain is gone. We cannot get it back.
    • Medically speaking, your heart may recover, but if our brain is gone, we are gone. There is no way we can bring you back.
    • HEART, especially in India, has become the major reason for sudden death especially in youngish population. Every family in India knows about their friends and family members who were doing well and then they were suddenly gone.  There are so many stories like that.
    • It does not have to happen that way. Suddenly dying at young age leaving behind your young wife and children or youngish family when you could easily live is so devastating.
    • If we knew something is not right with your heart with medical knowledge and technology, we can really make you live for another 30 years, so you have to do three simple noninvasive relatively low cost test every five years which are very safe and if these tests are normal, which tells you almost 100% information about the heart, we can give it to you in writing that you cannot have heart attack in next five years.
    • At present, we have the medical knowledge, medical technology expertise today and wonderful medicines as well.
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  • ECG Update- Complimentary Book- English

    • Why it is very important to read this book? Answer is, it is very important to read this book because Heart health is very important to us.
    • Heart attack or sudden death from the heart attack has become so rampant in India.
    • It is affecting more and more youngish male population.
    • Women have some protection from the heart attack until they are in their reproductive age, but they still have some amount of risk.
    • Our recommendation is to start screening all the males at age 30. This will give us a baseline.
    • And continue every five years with three most important, simple, noninvasive, not at all costly, Tests.
    • If all these three tests are normal, then I can give you in writing that you will not have heart attack for the next five years. Statistically, it is not possible.
    • Why these three tests are important?
    • These tests are important because all these three different tests give us complementary information.
    • As far as ECG/EKG is concerned, it gives us all the information about the electrical conductivity of the heart and our ECG is like our fingerprint.
    • I can guarantee that if you take your ECG every year and put one above the other, they will be exactly the same. ECG helps us to understand the function of the two electrical nodes in our heart, which control the rhythm and the rate of the rhythmic contraction and relaxation of the heart.
    • We all know that, in a heart attack, we immediately do ECG and if you are having a heart attack, you can see changes in the ECG, we can pretty much figure it out.
    • But why to wait for that point when we are really having heart attack, because we may not have more than 5 to 10 minutes to recover from the heart attack and if our brain does not get blood and oxygen for several minutes, our brain is never going to come back, even though if our heart comes back, and we may not be alive anymore.
    • Since we will never have 5 minutes, so our hope is that by doing three simple tests, we can really, statistically, almost 100% anticipate what is going to happen over next five years and if we see any negative information, we can always fix it in time, seeking the help from the best heart doctors, but we need information and time.
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  • Most important phase of our life 1,2,3 ?- English

    • This book will tell you that these numbers #1, #2, and #3 are the most important numbers in our life.
    • So, this book will help you to understand that there are three most important phases of the life:
      • Phase #1– When we are single
      • Phase #2– When there are two of us
      • Phase #3– When we become three of us; from which there is no turning back for the rest of our life.
    • So, what we have to understand is that the phase in which we are two of us is the:
      • most exciting phase of life,
      • most wonderful phase of life,
      • and most enjoyable phase of the life.
    • Our parents help us to plan for phase 1 and we also plan for the same.
    • But then we look forward to entering the phase 2 of our life since our teenage life as we hope that it will lead to long-term relationship, partnership or marriage.
    • It is very important in 2021 to plan our life.
    • It means that there is a right time for everything.
    • There is a right time to enter college.
    • There is a right time, age, and phase of the life when we want companionship.
    • But one thing a couple does not realize is that, they really have to decide what is the right time to become three of you because there is no turning back.
    • In 2021, phase 3 is a huge commitment. So, to analyze phase 1, 2, and 3, please read this book.
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  • Two fundamental elements of dating/living together/marriage book 1 of 2 Intimacy- English

    • One has to understand that, time comes when we all want companionship, we want to date, and if we trust ourselves and our partner, then we may choose to live together.
    • At the same time, we may decide that this is the right person for me and at that time, we want to take the relationship to the next level.
    • When you think or when you decide that this is the right person for me, with whom I want to spend the rest of my life, at that time, you have to understand that dating/living together/marriage have two fundamental elements, which are very important for the continuity of our relationship.
    • This book tells us about the first and the most important fundamental element of dating/living together/marriage that is Intimacy.
    • Unlike 50 years ago in India and 100 years ago in US, all the younger generation would now prefer to choose their partner rather than their family choosing it for them; as it is a tradition in India.
    • I also want to say this that, as a fact, it is always the girl who chooses the boy.
    • So, what it takes for a girl to decide that she can take her companionship to the next level?
    • You need to read both the book 1 and book 2 of dating/living together/marriage.
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  • Can You Believe U.S. is Banning Texting While Driving- English

    • Please ask any medical professional. Everyone will tell you that all the researches have proved that our mind can do only one function at a time.
    • Our mind is so fast. We believe that it can do multitasking, but it cannot.
    • Although, you may have been driving for a few years and it becomes a routine activity for you to drive, but please realize this that, driving is the most complex activity or the most complex process of the day.
    • The question is – “Why Driving is most complex?”
    • The answer is that –
      • It needs all our senses to do constant processing of our surroundings.
      • And constantly anticipating any emergencies.
    • Mostly 100 out of the 100 people, drives with a cell phone or mobile phone, which distracts them during driving.
    • It can lead to very serious consequences and our life may be destroyed. Our whole life may be jeopardized in seconds.
    • Trust me, it doesn’t happen every day, but one single second is enough to jeopardize our life forever.
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  • Diabetes Book 3.2- Sulfonylureas. 2nd generation medicine- English

    This book is one of the series of books on latest medications in relation to high blood sugar and diabetes.

    • Diabetes is so common and for the same reason there has been huge research in management and treatment of diabetes.
    • It is simple economics for research drug companies as diabetes is so common. If they make a new medicine, it will make the company very rich.
    • While drug companies are making new medications may be very rich, but it will keep us very healthy.
    • If our blood sugar is becoming higher, we can delay diabetes and complications by 30 years if we start management early.
    • This book introduces us to the new generation of sulfonylureas which help our body to increase the amount of insulin available to us.
    • Same description applies to book 3.1 diabetes also. We have just seen the number of the book. This book tells you about first generation sulfonylureas which is a group of medicines which helps our body to release and make available more insulin.
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