Early stages of puberty in girls| Medical facts associated with puberty| Add 15 years to life!

What every young girl needs to know about a “Young Girl”(English)


• There are young girls all over India who do not understand what is happening to them as they enter “puberty”.
• It is a major taboo topic in India.
• Let us give our daughters insight to plan for their future.
• We should educate and give every opportunity to our young daughters.
• If we don’t educate them, the internet will.
• Best person to educate them is the lady doctor in town or the mom.

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  1. Rooma

    Best book for young girls. Lot of information that we as young girls need to consider is well written in this book.

  2. Neeti

    Sensitive topics explained in a very subtle manner. I was recommend by my daughter.

  3. Joy

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    Recommended by one of my family member. I would recommend all daughters of our country to read this book.

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  10. Babitha

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  11. Nishchal

    very very very informative.

  12. Suhasini

    very parent and young girls should read this book.

  13. Swati

    Book to be read by all Indian parent who has a daughter.

  14. Nandhini

    Very inspiring book.

  15. Akash Vashisth

    it is very intresting book. and I like this book

  16. Kavita (verified owner)

    This is very good book for girls .

  17. Vidya

    My teenage daughter loved the book 🙂

  18. Yogitha

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  19. Chitra

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  20. Pinki

    concept of this books is nice and felling very good to read this book

  21. Nisha th

    we are thankful to Dr. Goel they are providing a lot of knowledge

  22. Meena

    Every young girl be given the kind of education this books has.

  23. Abhay chaudhry

    Every young girl needs to know these important things. This is not in our Indian culture but these words should be learn by every girl.

  24. Payal singh

    Young age very important for every girl so plz read this book

  25. Shalinniarya

    A nice book for every girl.

  26. Ramya

    Great book to read in only 20 min.

  27. Tamana

    Every young girls must need to know about this kind of facts and i must recommend to all my family and friends

  28. Jyoty Bhattacharya

    I am also a young girl and I learned many new things via this book.

  29. Vandana

    Dr please ans my question please dr.
    My question is whenever I passes with mensuration cycle than I have to face uncontrollable pain, Is there any solution of it?

  30. Shikar Chuahan

    Awesome book by add15years. Good job all of you guys. I am going to recommend this book to my daughter because good knowledge in this book.

  31. Renu

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  32. Soma sarkar

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  33. Geetanjali Sharma

    such a awesome book

  34. Tamana

    Every young girl should read this book for the health purpose

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    Great information a special thanks to the Author

  40. Shivani

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    This book is Awesome. It’s help me a lot. Sir, Please keep up your good work.
    We always with you and Waiting for your new interesting book.

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  51. Pravin (verified owner)

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  52. Akanshika

    Interesting stuff to read. Keep it up.

  53. Aswani

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    Keep it up!

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