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Diabetes- High Blood Sugar Book-1 Hindi


  • Diabetes or high blood sugar today has become as common issue in every family life.
  • Without even realizing we can manage diabetes, if we accept it easily.
  • There is a phase between our normal blood sugar and prediabetes. So, during prediabetes if we start medications along with diet management and increase level of activity, we can really delay any complications for 30 to 40 years.
  • Whenever we think of diabetes, kidney failure and insulin are two factors.
  • Kidney failure is not the only thing. We can become blind or have heart attack.
  • We can lose sensations in our feet leading to amputation of our legs.
  • Everybody knows diabetes because it is so common, every drug company is making medicines and now there are 13 groups of excellent medications available and together they can really keep us very healthy.
  • Last but not the least, we really have to connect with our doctor and a dietitian and seek counseling.
    You will feel good, healthy & have no symptoms for long and will be very tempting not to take any medications but it is going to cost money too, especially in India.
  • If you want to ignore the reality, it is not going to go away.
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