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Most important phase of our life 1,2,3 ?- English


  • This book will tell you that these numbers #1, #2, and #3 are the most important numbers in our life.
  • So, this book will help you to understand that there are three most important phases of the life:
    • Phase #1– When we are single
    • Phase #2– When there are two of us
    • Phase #3– When we become three of us; from which there is no turning back for the rest of our life.
  • So, what we have to understand is that the phase in which we are two of us is the:
    • most exciting phase of life,
    • most wonderful phase of life,
    • and most enjoyable phase of the life.
  • Our parents help us to plan for phase 1 and we also plan for the same.
  • But then we look forward to entering the phase 2 of our life since our teenage life as we hope that it will lead to long-term relationship, partnership or marriage.
  • It is very important in 2021 to plan our life.
  • It means that there is a right time for everything.
  • There is a right time to enter college.
  • There is a right time, age, and phase of the life when we want companionship.
  • But one thing a couple does not realize is that, they really have to decide what is the right time to become three of you because there is no turning back.
  • In 2021, phase 3 is a huge commitment. So, to analyze phase 1, 2, and 3, please read this book.
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