Banning texting while driving helps prevent accidents-Add 15 Years

Can You Believe U.S. is Banning Texting While Driving- English


  • Please ask any medical professional. Everyone will tell you that all the researches have proved that our mind can do only one function at a time.
  • Our mind is so fast. We believe that it can do multitasking, but it cannot.
  • Although, you may have been driving for a few years and it becomes a routine activity for you to drive, but please realize this that, driving is the most complex activity or the most complex process of the day.
  • The question is – “Why Driving is most complex?”
  • The answer is that –
    • It needs all our senses to do constant processing of our surroundings.
    • And constantly anticipating any emergencies.
  • Mostly 100 out of the 100 people, drives with a cell phone or mobile phone, which distracts them during driving.
  • It can lead to very serious consequences and our life may be destroyed. Our whole life may be jeopardized in seconds.
  • Trust me, it doesn’t happen every day, but one single second is enough to jeopardize our life forever.
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