About Us- Adding 15 Years To Our Life, Can? Of Course We Can | Next Step Living Longer Books
Our Mission

Our mission is to create a national awareness about health care conditions & challenges , and provide solutions & guidance in easily understandable language. people can access proactive healthcare tips in very simple words maximizing life span in India from 65 to 85 years.

1- Information about healthy food habits exercise holistic health complementary healing health maintenance & much more
2- Educating people about importance of regular health checks ups , blood tests & other important tests
3- Helping people to live happy healthy & interdependent till the last years to life…
4- Short & precise books related to varied health & wellness topics
5- Comprehensive and pocket friendly for all
6- Convey technical terms or medical words in ways that the audience can easily grasp
7- Easily affordable in India

What We Do

Add15Years concept is based on the research model encrypted by Dr. Om Goel stating, “Adding 15 Years
To Your Life”.
What is lifespan now?? In about 70 years, lifespan in India has jumped by 100%. Today, in 2019, 10
factors are all, that matters to add 15-20 healthy years to our life span of 67 years. We have already
doubled it in past seventy years (since India became a free country) from about 30 years to about 70
1980s medicine is obsolete today, though it would look like a miracle to someone who lived in 1880s.
Today, lifespan in USA today is 85 years.
‘There are 10 factors which if we manage then, we can easily achieve a healthy life for 85 years.’
I want to say that, the whole purpose of these books is to increase our lifespan, which is 67 years, at
present in India, to 85 years or more. It can be easily achieved today with all the medical knowledge and
technology available for all the middle classes in India.
One fact everyone has to understand despite everybody complaining about environment or diabetes or
other medical situations, is that, we are definitely living longer and longer. I do also want to tell you that,
our biological life is 120 years and the oldest confirmed human being who has lived was 120 years old,
that was from 1875 to 1997, and her name was Jeanne Calmest.
There are two terms, first one is the 'Average Life Expectancy' which at present in India is 67 years. It
means that 100/100 Indians will live, on an average, up to, about 67 years. The other term being 'Life
Expectancy at Birth' which means- How many years you are going to live, if you are born today?
Thousands of years ago, Life Expectancy at Birth was 25 years. But today, for the whole world, it is 65
years, on an average. Also, you must understand that, today there are more than 70,000 Americans alive
who are more than 100 years old. This data is collected by CDC (Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention) which is the top medical body of America.
The life expectancy in US is about between 80 and 85 years. Highest life expectancy is of Japan. We do
not exactly know why is that.
Also, for any country, when life expectancy goes on increasing, it shows the achievement of healthcare
advancements in that country. Indirectly, it also reflects the overall prosperity of that country.
So, these books throw light on the 10 factors to achieve a healthy lifespan of 85 years or more.





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