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"Thank you very much for providing a suggested books of ways to fight all the health problems of our life and to save them."

- Abha Saxena
"Yes, I definitely recommend these books. I found these books are very helpful & very easy to read & in very simple language. These are very easy to understand & get help."

- Shubham Saxena
"A good initiative by 'Add 15 years. The books are very informative and deal with various solutions regarding healthcare. Highly recommended."

- Roopam Mohan
"Add15years books are very helpful. It is related to proactive health care and very easy to understand. I have purchased book from Amazon and had a good experience."

- Aishwarya Gupta
"This is a GREAT book that has been published at exactly the right time. There is so much conversation about improving the patient Another super resource for families to use as they begin conversations about end-of-life decisions. This is a wonderful complement to team of Add15years Thank you for providing the knowledge."

- Sanjeev Rajpoot
"I read that book all books are very nice and easy language."

- Harish Kumar Kushwaha
"The books are very educative and in simple language. Will recommend."

- Sunil Goel
"Nice work Add15 Years...keep it up very useful informative health related books also books written in very easy and simple language."

- Divakar Saxena
"This is a good book I read 2 books heartand 10 factors. I highly recommend that"

- Kamal Saxena
"Very good book . verhy helpful. it is so nice to read this book."

- Rohan Sarohiwal
"Add15years provide proactive health care books. I had purchased 2 books from Amazon they are very good and easy to understand"

- Megha Vashisth
"It's really a great efforts by the Doctors for the people_ Through the e-books people can learn how to live a healthy life & add 15 years to their age to live happily. it's a great initiative by Doctors."

- Rohit Gupta
"Very useful informative health related books also books written in very easy and simple language, nice work Add15 Years keep it up"

- Dharmendra Singh
"This is a great book , i found very qualitative help tips , I recommend this"

- Rao Mahesh Ydv
"Yes , definitely i recommend every one to go through this series for their proper health. I found this very useful."

- Sahil Shelangia
"The books contain very useful information regarding health, which everyone should be aware of.These are in very easy and simple language."

- Reetu Sharma
"Nice book. i recommend . very good articles to achieve healthy life."

- Lalit Verma
"The purpose of the author is very good.we add our life 15 years so its very helpful books for our health and fitness once time we consider. its possible that our life add 15 years more. "

- Vaishali Verma
"This is really good book to understand the problem and get help."

- MD Intaj
"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure "

- Rakhi Jain
"Very nice book. give it a try."

- Mohit Sarohiwal
"These books provide health-care insights in simple and easy to understand language. I recommend it for the whole family."

- Maunika Saini
"These books are very easy to understand.all about proactive health care books. you all must read Thank you."

- Anita Vashisth
"Add15 years really this is not a word.Of course we can adding years in our life by the knowledge of these book these books are very helpful for knowing the lifestyle of a healthy person and also help how to improve our health."

- Mohazzib Khan
"This is worth reading, very useful to achieve healthy life."

- Deepak Dagar
"All books are proactive health care book. All are easy to understand and helpfull for our life. I recommend"

- Rahul Gautam
"A kind of simple language medical book by MD physician."

- Om Goel
"I love reading this book. I recommend this book"

- Sagar Rao Adv
"Add 15 years team publishes a great book. which is helpfull for a healthy life style. Favilious work by the team"

- Ashutosh Singh
"it's a good page..created by my friend to educate them on health."

- Divya Kaikini
"This page us very helpful for us and we learn how we increase our life."

- Bipin Kumar
"The purpose of this book is to add 15 years to our life in a simple language"

- Ankit Rajput
"This book is very good very nice. I recommend it. Well written by the author. "

- Rishi vashisth
" Good books on medical issues looking forward to upcoming books."

- Masudur Alam