Sleep and Health are Related | Know importance of Sleep to Add 15 Years To Our Life.

How much sleep do we really need to stay Healthy!!! (English)


Everyone should be well aware about the importance of good sleep for our physical health, mental health, and for our long life. This book on sleep projects upon the following points:

  • The amount of sleep we really need
  • Stages of NREM and REM sleep cycles
  • Things happen to us during sleep
  • Harmful effects caused by lack of sleep
  • Insomnia symptoms and ways to deal with it
  • Recommendations to get good night sleep
  • Effects of factors like aging, travelling, jetlag etc. on sleep
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  1. Mithuna

    I think great book for all mothers so that they can train their children to sleep enough.

  2. Lakshay

    How much sleep is important in our life this book told us thanks for this simple books.

  3. Mohit roy

    Good book for the young generation

  4. Khusi

    After reading this book I have make our time tabel to sleep 9 hours

  5. Keerthi

    Great great one. well said book.

  6. Shivam

    I have sleeping disorders, & m so confused what should i do, somebody recommend this book, after reading this book i have make our routine, thnq so much sir

  7. Ashu

    This book tells us sleep is necessary for good Health.

  8. Arun

    Never realized the importance of until I read this book.

  9. Partap

    Great book written by the Author thanks for this books and waiting for another book

  10. Samyak jain

    As a insomniac patient I need this book .

  11. Cristo Jenifer

    Sir I want to ask a question.
    the question is, “why we need of sleep?”
    if you say that sleep is necessary to give rest to our body than we can take rest without sleeping. Why we need a good sleep to stay healthy?

  12. Shivani

    sir what is the relationship between sleep and good health now busy life we have not to much time of good sleep

  13. Jitendra Bhati

    I was reading this book at 01:00 am and the book is telling us to take sleep of approx 9 hours( according to my age). Now I am taking decision that I’ll never awake to late night. I’ll sleep at time.
    Thank you so much sir for guiding us in a proper and a healthy way.

  14. Hitesh

    Sleep make our life easy and sleep give energy for performing our work good sleep make us healthy

  15. Sangita

    Is there any way o resolve the problem I can’t take much sleep as it required and this is affecting my health as the effects are mentioned in this book?
    Help me to solve my this problem.

  16. Soma sarkar

    Awesome book !!!
    Carry on this kinds of books are required to me

  17. Kyathi

    I decided to change my sleeping habit after I read this book.

  18. Suhani Singh

    Keep going

  19. Shivnsh

    Insightful, the bok provide good information and i have shared this with my friends

  20. Vimal (verified owner)

    Very insightful

  21. Akshat (verified owner)

    Informative book. I recommend to all.

  22. Kirti (verified owner)

    Interesting book

  23. Tamana

    One of the best book i ever read thanks for this book

  24. Jashmin Parveen

    Outstanding book !!

  25. Farukh Sekh

    Enjoyed reading the book above , really explains everything in detail,the book is very interesting and effective.

  26. Rakesh Khan

    Great,thanks for sharing

  27. Rubi khan

    it is very helpful, thanks a lot

  28. Akshya

    Amazing facts gaining lots of information !!!

  29. Tiwari

    Thanks for sharing this book !!!

  30. Minakshi (verified owner)

    Thanks for this wonderful book! This book has a great impact on me.

  31. Zubair (verified owner)

    I recommended it to my colleague. He is delighted.

  32. Kavita (verified owner)

    I am delighted with add15 series book. I am looking forward to read more.

  33. Madhur (verified owner)

    It’s a great book! I always keep an add15 book in my phone. Reading whenever I got chance

  34. Sanoval sekh

    very interesting , good job and thanks for sharing such a good book !!!

  35. Ahidur

    Interesting stuff to read. Keep it up.

  36. Aswani

    I like this book to much enjoying reading this book !!!

  37. Akanshika

    I like this book thanks for sharing this book !!!

  38. Nashrin

    Great stuff i having full enjoying reading this book !!!

  39. Shipa

    You are doing great job really helpful book !!

  40. kapil

    This help me to fight with insomnia !!!

  41. Shundar

    This is an amazing book i really found this book to much of informative

  42. Janvi

    Really great stuff !!

  43. Deepti Yadav

    I am enjoying reading your book lot’s of information are there !!!

  44. Doly

    Interesting book you are doing great work !!!

  45. Nandani

    Really awesome and great book this types of books are required !!

  46. Rani Verma

    Amazing book you are doing fine job for us thanks for sharing book !!!

  47. Deepak yadav

    Really amazing book !!!

  48. Ronith

    I found this book is an amazing really interesting !!!

  49. shivam

    Every one should read this this is an interesting book lot’s of knowledge !!!

  50. Anu

    I love this book To much because it solve my lot’s of problems !!!

  51. Shammi singh

    Interesting book

  52. Anil

    A good book. Mostly resolved my sleep problems. Revolves around keeping a sleep diary, fixing your beliefs about sleep and of course fixing your sleep hygiene.

  53. beena

    Very Effective – Highly Recommended

  54. mehak

    It’s written in user-friendly language that is clear and non-patronising – very readable. For people with insomnia and those working with people with insomnia, I’d highly recommend purchasing this book.

  55. shrree

    I’d learned a lot about the science of sleep but little on ways to combat my insomnia.I’ve already recommended the book to others

  56. vedant

    Good book

  57. mehul

    Clear and accessible.

  58. deepa

    Sleep is a mystery. And this book is a lifesaver.

  59. preeti

    An essential book

  60. shakeep

    This book explains why we sleep, the positive effects of sleeping in your mind, body and health and the negative effects that not sleeping enough has on them

  61. mishti

    Everyone should read this book – and act on its advice. it’s a thorough and wide-ranging review of all aspects of sleep and its impact on the individual and on society locally and globally.

  62. anamika

    Just read this book- it’s a damn powerhouse of illumination. It gets very lengthy but after finishing it you feel totally blown away.

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