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Diabetes Book 3.2- Sulfonylureas. 2nd generation medicine- Spanish


This book is one of the series of books on latest medications in relation to high blood sugar and diabetes.

  • Diabetes is so common and for the same reason there has been huge research in management and treatment of diabetes.
  • It is simple economics for research drug companies as diabetes is so common. If they make a new medicine, it will make the company very rich.
  • While drug companies are making new medications may be very rich, but it will keep us very healthy.
  • If our blood sugar is becoming higher, we can delay diabetes and complications by 30 years if we start management early.
  • This book introduces us to the new generation of sulfonylureas which help our body to increase the amount of insulin available to us.
  • Same description applies to book 3.1 diabetes also. We have just seen the number of the book. This book tells you about first generation sulfonylureas which is a group of medicines which helps our body to release and make available more insulin.
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