How to be rich will not add 15 years to life! | Being wealthy is not being healthy

Being Rich Can Take Away All The Fun In 2021- Spanish


This book covers various aspects of our life within an upper-middle family and a rich one.

  • It throws light on why life is all about maintaining, “Balance in life”.
  • It covers the competitiveness our life holds in this Globalized World.
  • It further covers the topic- why in today’s world, no profession can guarantee job security.
  • The author intends to educate about why being very rich may take away 15 years from us.
  • It also highlights how money being a potent force may make you lose some degree of privacy in life.
  • It presents various case studies and tells how we can add years to our life by not being very-very rich.
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  1. Priyank

    Great book, even you can try other book also. They have such a good information.

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    This is the truth .Must read this book

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    I think everything said was very logical.

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    Excellent BOOK!

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    The author deserve a big thanks for their outstanding work

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    perfect for reading for me

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    our books are always very helpful for us !!!

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    The book content are really helpful for me

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    Very nice book.

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    Beautifully define

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    Excellent BOOK!
    Thank you very much for your hard work

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    Just carry on its just amazing and so convincing..keep it up.

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