HIV and AIDS symptoms, Prevention and medical facts | Add 15 Years To Our Life.

HIV – What does HIV do to us and affects our health? (English)


This is Add15Years’ another book on HIV that deals with the following topics:
• Complete information about HIV virus
• Symptoms of HIV infection
• Different stages of HIV infection
• Severity of HIV across the globe
• Two biggest epidemics in the world’s history

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  1. Dharmendra Singh

    Thanks for bringing out so simple and informative books on HIV as this topic is considered a taboo in our country and we don’t find reliable resources. But we need to educate ourselves with right knowledge and your books solve this purpose.

  2. Maunika Saini

    Add15Years books are really informative and helpful in understanding the complex medical facts in a very easy to understand and simple language. The best part is their collection of books covers all sorts of medical topics and is available in so many languages.

  3. Shermy Cg

    One of the simple medical books that give basic knowledge for all age groups. Must-read book for the ones who are looking for healthy living and want real-time medical facts directly from a Doctor.

  4. Raksha

    Its very difficult to find book on HIV in such a simple language. I was impressed when I read the book.

  5. Taran

    very informative

  6. shree

    Very useful

  7. Harini

    Was looking for something since long. Thank you!

  8. vanitha

    Worth purchasing

  9. Anchitha

    Thanks to the author for writing such book.

  10. Nithya

    I got to read this book when I had a worker who got diagnosed with HIV. I read to book and explained to him. Very informative and great book.

  11. Ramya

    Very thoughtful.

  12. Kanoj


  13. Anand

    Such a pocket of knowledge it is . Keep it up you guys .

  14. Yuvraj Singh

    HIV costs us our life , but we can save ourself and this book tells you how ?

  15. Lalit

    Awesome book !!!

  16. Himanshu

    Such a simple book with great knowledge.

  17. Rekha Thakur

    Best book i found on HIV.

  18. Jyoti Aarya

    The whole is good and giving true knowledge about aids and HIV. Impressing book.

  19. Gautam kumar

    I was impressed when I read the book a big thanks to the Author

  20. Ajay Dixit

    The symptoms of HIV have been explained in very simple and easy language. Good book on HIV and AIDS.

  21. Tamana

    Great book no words for this book !!!

  22. Amir shek

    Great book. Couldn’t be write much better!
    Keep it up!

  23. Farukh Sekh

    Found your book interesting to read.

  24. Nishant (verified owner)

    Very interesting and informative.

  25. Dhanush (verified owner)

    I am recommending it to my friend.

  26. Mridul (verified owner)

    I and my family is loving it.

  27. Mukul (verified owner)

    Facts! Very well written book.

  28. Tiwari

    Help full book really amazing book !!!

  29. Akshya

    Thanks for sharing this book !!!

  30. Sanoval sekh

    Found your book interesting to read.

  31. Ahidur

    This book is really very interesting and effective.

  32. kapil

    Amazing book really helpful book I found this is an interesting book !!

  33. Shundar

    Pls carry on sharing book !!!

  34. Shipa

    Full of informative and interesting book !!!

  35. Nashrin

    Thanks for sharing a great and informative book !!!

  36. Deepak yadav

    Pls carry on doing great job for us !!!

  37. Ronith

    Thanks for sharing this book for us !!!

  38. Nandani

    Thanks sharing the amazing book with us !!!

  39. Rani Verma

    I found your book to much interesting and amazing !!!

  40. Hamid khan

    This book is great check it out

  41. Sahiab

    Really very happy to say, your book is very interesting to read.

  42. Anjar Ali

    You’re doing a great job.Keep it up

  43. Rajwan sekh

    Really explains everything in detail, the Book is very interesting and effective.

  44. Anshu Chauhan

    Very interesting, good job and thanks for sharing such a good book

  45. Ankita Lamba

    Amazing book really informative book !!

  46. Nishar

    The content of book is so awesome and nice really helpful book !!!

  47. Keshav Sani

    Pls contiguous doing the great work and thanks for providing the good books !!!

  48. Anil Rao

    No one writes this as good you write thanks for sharing !!!

  49. Ankur Raghav

    Thanks for providing us helpful book !!!

  50. Araya

    Haven’t read such good book till date

  51. dutta

    Great evidences. The logic and explanation can satisfy scientific minds. I loved it. Reduces HIV fear in the minds. Of people

  52. mayank

    Great book and must read book for all. Many more books should follow. Thanks for doctor

  53. naina

    it’s helping more people to come out of the scary lie…Thanks you sir thanks
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  54. sushant

    Reduces HIV fear in the minds.Must read this book.

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