Medical knowledge for Diabetes management - Add 15 Years To Our Life

Throw sugar medicines away if blood sugar is 100 !!!(English)


This book provides answers to the following questions:
• What is normal blood sugar?
• When do we need dialysis?
• Is kidney transplant possible in India?
• How can you manage your sugar level?

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  1. Renuka Vashisth

    The content is very good and it is very helpful for our life.

  2. Sabir MD

    They are providing good books and books are very helpful for our life.

  3. Gumnamshayr -Ajay Gangwar

    Nice books good to read for children

  4. Shakeep MD

    Book is very helpful for everyone.

  5. Aryan Verma

    Very essential information by author thanks for awareness……

  6. Unique Solution

    This is a very good book to read.

  7. Bappy Ahmad

    As my personal felling it is very fine thinking by the Author To provide us good knowledge about health problems…

  8. neeti

    Very useful book.

  9. Sunitha

    After reading book I felt my whole family has to read. very useful book. Thanks to the author.

  10. Sooraj

    I think very basic info explained in simple language.

  11. Aryan

    Right from the content to the design the book looks great.

  12. Shibi

    I quite liked the book.

  13. Anjana

    Great information.

  14. Ananya

    Great one. Diabetes being a disease that needs attention this book has the information required.

  15. Arun kumar

    The book is very helpful information proved in simple language .

  16. sonu singh

    Must read this book

  17. Bharti singh


    Good book for diabetes patient

  18. Lalit

    Awesome book !!!

  19. Mohit roy

    After reading this book I suggest to our family

  20. rahul

    Nice and very handy book to read.


    hey! add15years team, I am your regular book reader. These are awesome books and providing great knowledge about medical field as well as we are coming out from the myths which are coming from ancient generation via generation. I glad to read these books.
    And one thing is that keep it up one day or day one your aim will come true. One day you change the thinking of our system.

  22. Aditya

    After reading this book I got lot of important knowledge.

  23. Shekher

    this book proved information about diabetes in very understandable language.

  24. Suraj

    No need to google and break our head. This book is very informative.

  25. Nowajesh

    Very helpful book and teach us about Diabetes and how diabetes is dangerous for our health

  26. Jatin

    How can we over come from sugar it is possible that a healthy person having sugar

  27. Pandit Anshul Agrwal

    Sir yesterday I was reading a research paper, in that research paper i read we should avoid drinking water during or after the eating. if we will do so than the Sugar level of our body increases. if we drink water during taking food than the sugar level will increase slightly lower than when we during water after taking food. Is this true? Or it may be myth?
    please sir clarify this confusion.

  28. Gautam kumar

    Good book recommend by my friend

  29. Dhirendra Gupta

    A doctor said to me your sugar level is increased but my result was 100mg/dl. This book is telling everything right and true . Accurate information I got by this book about sugar and diabetes.

  30. Aryaman Rajput

    Thanks sir
    This just what I needed.
    one of the great book.

  31. Janani

    Very true information in such a small book.

  32. Jatin

    I really like this book

  33. Tamana

    Great book and really amazing facts !!!

  34. Jashmin Parveen

    Great book i really found this book is great !!!

  35. Farukh Sekh

    Enjoyed reading the book above , really explains everything in detail, the book is very interesting and effective.

  36. Rubi khan

    Nice book,
    It’s really good please keep it up…
    Thanks for sharing

  37. Rakesh Khan

    Great,thanks for sharing

  38. Akshya

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  39. Navika (verified owner)

    Thanks for this wonderful book! This book has a great impact on me.

  40. Manav (verified owner)

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    I am delighted with add15 series book. I am looking forward to read more.

  42. Jaganmohan (verified owner)

    It’s a great book! I always keep an add15 book in my phone. Reading whenever I got chance

  43. Sanoval sekh

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  44. Ahidur

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