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  • Most important phase of our life 1,2,3 ?- Hindi

    • This book will tell you that these numbers #1, #2, and #3 are the most important numbers in our life.
    • So, this book will help you to understand that there are three most important phases of the life:
      • Phase #1– When we are single
      • Phase #2– When there are two of us
      • Phase #3– When we become three of us; from which there is no turning back for the rest of our life.
    • So, what we have to understand is that the phase in which we are two of us is the:
      • most exciting phase of life,
      • most wonderful phase of life,
      • and most enjoyable phase of the life.
    • Our parents help us to plan for phase 1 and we also plan for the same.
    • But then we look forward to entering the phase 2 of our life since our teenage life as we hope that it will lead to long-term relationship, partnership or marriage.
    • It is very important in 2021 to plan our life.
    • It means that there is a right time for everything.
    • There is a right time to enter college.
    • There is a right time, age, and phase of the life when we want companionship.
    • But one thing a couple does not realize is that, they really have to decide what is the right time to become three of you because there is no turning back.
    • In 2021, phase 3 is a huge commitment. So, to analyze phase 1, 2, and 3, please read this book.
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  • Essential Dietary Fatty Acids not made by our body (fish oil, flaxseeds etc.)-Hindi

    • The book gives an insight into the polyunsaturated essential fatty acids such as fish oil, flax seeds etc.
    • The author emphasizes on the fact that eating food is the only way to get essential fatty acids in our body.
    • The book provides information about three major dietary omega-3 essential fatty acids – EPA, DHA and ALA.
    • Detailed facts have been provided about consumption of fish oil and its supplements and flax seeds/oil.
    • The author also talks about the effect of consuming fish oil (lowering the risk of heart attack, lowering blood pressure, decreasing triglycerides etc.). However the author emphasizes on the need for more research on these facts.
    • The author also explains why vegetarians must do away with the taboo of consumption of fish oil supplements.
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  • Fundamental Medical Facts about Cholesterol- Hindi

    • Absolutely good health is what everyone expects good health refers to not only physical health but the health of our internal organs also.
    • Book is about keeping our heart healthy cardiac health.
    • Cholesterol is becoming chief concern among people but how many of us know that there is only not the cholesterol that is harming your body but there is something called good cholesterol also.
    • Good cholesterol helps us to add potential healthy years to our cardiac health whereas bad cholesterol removes those healthy years from our life span
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  • Can You Believe U.S. is Banning Texting While Driving- Hindi

    • Please ask any medical professional. Everyone will tell you that all the researches have proved that our mind can do only one function at a time.
    • Our mind is so fast. We believe that it can do multitasking, but it cannot.
    • Although, you may have been driving for a few years and it becomes a routine activity for you to drive, but please realize this that, driving is the most complex activity or the most complex process of the day.
    • The question is – “Why Driving is most complex?”
    • The answer is that –
      • It needs all our senses to do constant processing of our surroundings.
      • And constantly anticipating any emergencies.
    • Mostly 100 out of the 100 people, drives with a cell phone or mobile phone, which distracts them during driving.
    • It can lead to very serious consequences and our life may be destroyed. Our whole life may be jeopardized in seconds.
    • Trust me, it doesn’t happen every day, but one single second is enough to jeopardize our life forever.
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    This book is an ode to all the women that I have known.
    Be it my mother, my wife, my sister or my daughter.
    I salute you all!
    The book brings out the impact I felt after watching the movie “Thappad” and it basically is an interpretation of certain dialogues from the movie When I see the treatment of women, in India and
    USA, I see so much difference in approach in both India and USA that I felt I had to write about it. Women are treated as equals in USA. They shoulder also responsibilities with men equally. They are not looked down up like in India. Hence, I felt it to be my duty being a son, husband and father to bring out the situations which need our attention.

    We need to raise our men with a strong foundation, so that our women don’t feel burdened like they do now.

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  • How Healthy are Sugar Substitutes?- Hindi

    As the title of books says how healthy are everyone wants to know how healthy are sugar substitutes.
    Everyone really wants to know should we consume sugar substitutes for weight loss and we also call them sweeteners.
    Its time as a physician with 40 years of experience in India and US we try to answer these questions.

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