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Every young girls should keep this pill in her purse(ECP)

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HIV – What does HIV do to us and affects our health?

English Hindi Gujrati Marathi Malayalam Spanish Tamil

HIV – High Risk & Low Risk Situations in Day to Day Life

English Hindi Gujrati Marathi Tamil

3 Main heart tests to Add 30 More Years to life

English Hindi Spanish Tamil Telugu

Well-Being of our Indian community in USA

English Hindi Gujrati Marathi Tamil

Why do we need to know about malaria?

English Hindi Tamil

Economic crisis leading to medical crisis

English Hindi Tamil

Throw sugar medicines away if blood sugar is 100 !!!

English Gujarati

Manage 10 factors easily & Add 15 Years to life

English Hindi Bengali Telugu

Happiness is a Medical Concept

English Hindi Spanish Tamil

Hair A thing of beauty & a joy forever, An Insight by a Medical Doctor (M.D.)

English Hindi Gujarati Kannada Spanish Tamil Telugu

Fine Tuning Iceberg of health

English Hindi Bengali Gujarati Kannada Spanish Telugu

Myths & Cultural, Barriers in Modern Medicine-Book-3


Staying healthy in 2020, Medical Definition of Good Health-English

English Tamil Telugu

Cost: 15% of Our Income in Fine Tuning our Health (Age 18 to the Rest of Our Life)

English Kannada Tamil Telugu

Coronavirus!! What treatment options we really have, Today in August 2020!!


HbA1c-A test for diabetes, A test with potential to add 30 years to our life, Can It! Yes, it can !!

English Bengali Gujarati Spanish Tamil

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) HPV Vaccine for Your Child

English Hindi Spanish Telugu

Myths & Cultural, Barriers in Modern Medicine-Book-4

English Hindi Bengali Kannada

Heart Heart Heart!! Planned Health v/s Crisis Health

English Hindi Bengali Gujarati Tamil Telugu

Body makes Insulin! Why body needs Insulin so badly?

English Hindi Bengali Spanish Tamil

Can we increase height by 3 inches in 7 days?

English Bengali Kannada

Myths & Cultural, Barriers in Modern Medicine, Book-1

English Bengali Tamil Telugu

Myths & Cultural, Barriers in Modern Medicine, Book-2

English Tamil

With him, worried about becoming pregnant, Girls have choices

English Hindi

Gold Standard Blood Tests every year worth their “Weight in Gold” CBC-1

English Tamil

Gold Standard Blood Test every year worth their “Weight in gold”

English Tamil Telugu

How much sleep do we really need to stay Healthy!!!

English Hindi Bengali Spanish Telugu

What every young girl needs to know about a “Young Girl”

English Hindi Gujarati Kannada Tamil Telugu

Diabetes- High Blood Sugar Book-2


Rs. 200/$20 ECG Test, 1 of 3 Simple Noninvasive Heart Tests

English Hindi