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WHO Recommendations Before we re-open Businesses & Work, Book-5 (English)


This Add15Years’ fifth book on COVID-19 Coronavirus demonstrates:

  • The top 5 recommendations by WHO for reopening businesses and work.
  • The Mantra of widespread Rapid Testing, Contact Tracing, and Isolating.
  • The preparation needed for sudden 2 weeks’ isolation.
  • The requirements of building up hospitals’ capacity and PPE supply chain.
  • The most effective steps that will always work in this pandemic situation.
  • The risks of the second wave of pandemic in coming winter in Northern Hemisphere
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  1. Punit

    Great info and written in a simple language.

  2. Arman

    we mush have one read this book before we start our business really very helpful

  3. Jasvindar Pal

    Wonderful book. I am surprised!!
    great efforts and precious knowledge.

  4. Mehtab

    The suggestions of WHO are too good and this is the time to stay home don’t be spreader or friend of corona.
    thanking you sir for giving us this awesome knowledge via this book.

  5. kapil kumar

    Update of corona virus in simple languages

  6. Ankita goel

    Thanks, sir providing information about business in simple words

  7. Dolly

    No vaccine yet , so read this before you go outside .

  8. Aashi Kushwaha

    Such a great book , must read .

  9. Pawan

    Thank you for this book .

  10. Ankit Ratore

    These are right which should be followed by everyone if we will not do so than definitely we are the friends of corona virus. Little precautions may stop or break this chain.
    Come forward and be one.

  11. Hitesh

    I take very nice information from this book now its your turn

  12. Tarun

    Great observation.

  13. Ruhuma

    Book title says all about the book. Very authentic.

  14. ayushi

    very simple language, with great observation

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