Medical knowledge for Diabetes management - Add 15 Years To Our Life

Throw sugar medicines away if blood sugar is 100 !!!- Spanish


Este libro proporciona respuestas a las siguientes preguntas:

  • ¿Qué es el azúcar en sangre normal?
  • ¿Cuándo necesitamos diálisis?
  • ¿Es posible el trasplante de riñón en la India?
  • ¿Cómo puede controlar su nivel de azúcar?
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  1. Aktar

    Some of my friend suggest me this book and i really like the book content !!!

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    This kinds of books are really helpful for the young generation people.

  4. Sarukh

    The pricing of your books are affordable for me and found helpful content

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    Wow this book is very nice …

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    Impressive!Thanks for the healthy book

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    Very interesting , good job and thanks for sharing such a good book.

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    Interesting stuff to read. Keep it up.

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    Great Book. Couldn’t be write much better!
    Keep it up!

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