Heart test for healthy heart | Medical Facts of Heart By Dr S. Om Goel (MD/DM) (USA/India)

Rs. 200/$20 ECG Test, 1 of 3 Simple Noninvasive Heart Tests, Can Add 15-30 Years to Our Life-English


  • Why it is very important to read this book? Answer is, it is very important to read this book because Heart health is very important to us.
  • Heart attack or sudden death from the heart attack has become so rampant in India.
  • It is affecting more and more youngish male population.
  • Women have some protection from the heart attack until they are in their reproductive age, but they still have some amount of risk.
  • Our recommendation is to start screening all the males at age 30. This will give us a baseline.
  • And continue every five years with three most important, simple, noninvasive, not at all costly, Tests.
  • If all these three tests are normal, then I can give you in writing that you will not have heart attack for the next five years. Statistically, it is not possible.
  • Why these three tests are important?
  • These tests are important because all these three different tests give us complementary information.
  • As far as ECG/EKG is concerned, it gives us all the information about the electrical conductivity of the heart and our ECG is like our fingerprint.
  • I can guarantee that if you take your ECG every year and put one above the other, they will be exactly the same. ECG helps us to understand the function of the two electrical nodes in our heart, which control the rhythm and the rate of the rhythmic contraction and relaxation of the heart.
  • We all know that, in a heart attack, we immediately do ECG and if you are having a heart attack, you can see changes in the ECG, we can pretty much figure it out.
  • But why to wait for that point when we are really having heart attack, because we may not have more than 5 to 10 minutes to recover from the heart attack and if our brain does not get blood and oxygen for several minutes, our brain is never going to come back, even though if our heart comes back, and we may not be alive anymore.
  • Since we will never have 5 minutes, so our hope is that by doing three simple tests, we can really, statistically, almost 100% anticipate what is going to happen over next five years and if we see any negative information, we can always fix it in time, seeking the help from the best heart doctors, but we need information and time.
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