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Coronavirus Updates Till March 20, 2020 (English) Book-2


  • 10 common myths are medically analyzed. For example: Myth #7 – Can the medicines that help boost immunity, prevent COVID-19?
  • What as a doctor, I will tell every government to do?
  • New facts about Coronavirus as they become available.
    • Corona virus is a lung virus, NOT a gut virus.
    • The ways this virus can enter into our body.
    • Without rapid testing available for everyone, we are crossing the road with our eyes closed
    • We all forget to sanitize our mobile phones and so, we are forced to touch our face with hand.
    • Do we have treatment and vaccine?
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  1. Sherly

    Great book. I think it has the right information to all of us and its so thoughtful to write such book during the time of crises and most importantly its easy accessible

  2. Asha

    Great book considering the situation globally. Quite informative as well.

  3. Nisha

    Wonderful information

  4. Reema

    Very useful info.

  5. Shobitha

    Instead of too many input from other sources we all have to read this book. One shop stop for COVID info.

  6. Prashant

    Truly worth reading.

  7. Anu

    Wonderful book to read during quarantine time.

  8. Piyali

    Given a choice I would want to spread the knowledge all over as its authentic. Great book.

  9. Krithi

    Nice initiative by the author writing such simple book.

  10. sheethal

    Very informative.

  11. sheethal

    Very informative and good one.

  12. Anil Sharma

    It is very updated book for everyone. good language.

  13. sandeep

    Great one.

  14. Poorvika

    Enjoyed readying. Crisp information.

  15. Partap

    awesome books great thinking of the author and provide in simple language

  16. Shubham Kushwaha

    This pandemic is so disatrous and this book is so helpful to give such information .

  17. Ritik chokkar

    Nice book.

  18. Drishti

    Simple language great knowledge .

  19. Riya

    Awesome books and great knowledge

  20. Amit

    The cost is nothing compared to the information provided during the current crisis. Thank you very much for this

  21. chandan

    the latest information on how to deal with the pandemic

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