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Well-Being of our Indian community in USA (Marathi)


After the last presidency election in USA, the situation for all immigrants is not so favorable. This book addresses the following topics:
• Donald Trump as the new president.
• Why immigrant communities are scared?
• Why Indian parents in USA are not letting their children to join politics?
• The correct way of dressing up for all the immigrants
• Risks of partying late evening at the American places
• Crime instances at public places and parking lots in USA
• What should you do when somebody shows you a pistol?
• Practice the fire-drills
• Law & Order and emergency number in USA

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Dr S. Om Goel (MD/DM)


Choice of Americans

Color War

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India Population and facilities


Author Information

(Prof) Dr. S. Om Goel, the founder of Add 15 Years is from a well-known family of doctors from AIIMS and MAMC, Delhi. He completed his-

• MBBS from Maulana Azad Medical College (MAMC), New Delhi
• MD Internal Medicine (called general medicine in India) Affiliate University of Missouri Columbia, USA
• DM Fellowship (Kidney & Blood-Pressure) University of Arizona, College of Medicine, USA
He has been practicing medicine in USA for more than 30 years as a specialist in Kidney, Blood-Pressure & Diabetes.
Dr. Goel started being recognized among the top 10 doctors in the field of Internal Medicine/General Medicine (Diabetes and Blood-Pressure) in NCR. Based on his qualifications, knowledge, expertise, experience and 100% successfully managing the dengue epidemic among his member patients in NCR, India in October 2012, he achieved this recognition.
He has published more than 10 proactive healthcare books that are available in 18 Indian languages and 6 International languages.


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