Rising cost of healthcare | Leads to Medical Crisis | Add 15 Years To Our Life

Economic crisis leading to medical crisis (Urdu)


This book throws light on the current healthcare situation in Venezuela when the country is dealing with massive economic crisis. Some of the key highlights of this book are as below:
• Why Venezuela is collapsing?
• Huge medical crisis in Venezuela
• Malaria has come roaring back in Venezuela
• Malaria in India, USA and the rest of the world
• Measles, it’s symptoms and vaccination
• Precautionary measures to be taken if you are travelling to India
• Critical situation of HIV in Venezuela

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  1. Rizwan Khan

    This book is one of the best book.

  2. Imran Saqliani

    Five Stars
    Interesting and brilliant!

  3. Hamza

    The economic crises have been described in a very simple and in a wonderful way.
    A great book!!

  4. Jakhir khan

    Interesting stuff to read. Keep it up.

  5. Rafik Sekh

    Really very happy to say,your post is very interesting to read.

  6. Mohammad Arif

    Enjoyed reading the book above , really explains everything in detail,the book is very interesting and effective.

  7. Ayush Dixit

    Economic crisis have some really harsh impacts on each one of us. Thanks to Dr Goel who explained everything in such simple language.

  8. Asif Khan

    An amazing book giving the exact condition of present scenario

  9. Shehzaad

    Wow! Simply amazing, This book deserves to be sold out in exchange of diamonds. it carries so much precious and valuable information

  10. Irfaan Tariq

    This is such an amazing book, i am going to refer it to all my friends and family

  11. Asma

    khushaamadeed, kitni khoobsurati se har baat par tavajjuh di gayi hai. allah author ko khoob kaamiyaabi se nawaze.

  12. Ashif

    Interesting stuff to read. Keep it up.

  13. khan Sahil

    Very interesting, good job and thanks for sharing such a good book

  14. Nitesh

    Impressive!Thanks for the nice and awesome book

  15. Noor

    Very nice… i really like your book…

  16. Jashmin Parveen

    carry on, don’t stop

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